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Sean Tucker is a reporter, critic, writer, and editor who has covered the auto, energy, insurance, education, and outdoor lifestyle industries. His work has appeared in U.S. News and World Report, the Washington Post, Yahoo Autos, MSN, Dub Magazine, and more. He's served as managing editor of energy and government contracting industry publications, and is currently freelancing from Washington, DC.

Go Ape | Blog | 5 Ways to Get the Kids Outdoors Before School Starts

It’s the height of summer, so we’re probably a little evil for saying it. Everyone is in the swing of pool days, summer camps, leaving the office a little early, and okaying sleepovers on weeknights. But the approach of August means school is looming. Soon enough, you’ll be packing older ones off to their dorms and younger ones off to meet-the-teacher day and shopping for color-coded notebooks. Did you get the time you wanted with them this summer? Did you manage the family trips? Did you buil

Go Ape | Blog |Summer Campfire Safety Recommendations

Late summer nights just beg for an outdoor fire. Whether you’re renting a cabin in a state park for a weekend getaway with someone special, or just enjoying your own back yard, the smell of woodsmoke and the glint of firelight in the eyes of your loved ones is a pleasure millions of years old. It still brings a deep contentment, even in the digital age. But…it’s dangerous. Easy to screw up and start a much larger fire than you intended. Especially as the heat of August begins to dry out the air

Go Ape | Blog | Fall Volunteer Activities for Outdoors Lovers

Summer is peak season for most outdoor activities. And peak season does its damage. Many outdoor adventurers may not realize it, but autumn is the time of year when the professionals who make the wilderness accessible to us do their hardest work. The professionals, and the volunteers. Through the summer season, trails have been eroded by thousands of boots, and need restoration. Trail edges must be recarved carefully, to encourage hikers to stick to prepared routes, protecting delicate plant l

Go Ape | Blog | Perfect Outdoor Activities for the Fall Season

Now that the autumnal equinox has passed, we’re officially in astronomical fall. The meteorologists tell us it began even earlier, with September 1 being the official kick-off point for sweater season. For outdoor lovers, the lower temperatures are a joy. But the shorter days, and the knowledge that real cold will be with us before we know it, also creates a sense of urgency – it’s time to get out and see your favorite wild spots one or two more times before winter makes them hard to reach, and

Go Ape | Blog | Outdoor Saftey Tips for the Extreme Heat

You didn’t expect to get cabin fever in the summer time, when every outdoor activity you love should theoretically be easiest. But here you are, in the middle of a heatwave that is likely only the first of several this year, longing for some outdoor activity but afraid to venture out of air-conditioned spaces. Can hiking, backpacking, paddling, climbing, and your other favorite wilderness activities be safely done when the temperature is this high? Yes. With a few precautions. Here are 13 ti

Go Ape | Blog | What to Do Outdoors When Its Too Hot to Go Outdoors

Nearly 100 million Americans are currently living under a heat advisory. It’s 105 degrees in Denver, and 97 in New York City. And while temperatures in the 90s aren’t unheard of on the east coast, forecasters currently project that a stretch from Tampa to Boston could remain over 90 for over a week as part of this excruciating heat wave. So much for your plans to spend the summer reconnecting with nature. Outdoor lovers can, with a little creativity, enjoy the hottest days of summer in their b
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